How it all started

A few years ago I had to have an operation which left me with a numb feeling in my left arm, after 3 months it was still not back to normal; so I spoke to the Surgeon who told me it might never stop feeling numb.

Me being me I decided to find something to do that would keep me active and at the same time work my arm to try and get rid of this odd feeling, I searched online for a few idea’s and came across someone metal detecting and right away I just knew that was the answer..

Since purchasing the Garrett AT Pro I have found some amazing artifacts and coins dating back over 2000 years…

YouTube inspired me to get out there searching and the video to the right is of my very 1st recorded dig

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Why I love what I do

There are a few reasons why this hobby is so great,You get to be outside with all the wildlife around you and the daily stresses of life vanish the second you put your headphones on & start swinging the coil from side to side.

You never know what is going to be unearthed from the ground each time you get a good signal and the excitement of finding something that has been lost for thousands of years is one that you get every time you go out.

The most ironic thing about metal detecting is that when you are out there trying to find something great the one thing you will always find is yourself.